Cremation diamonds

A personalised gem to be passed on to future generations.

Grieving is a long and painful journey. The desire to have a loved one with you becomes indispensable in order to continue our existence. It is a subjective and intimate choice when we decide to entrust some hair or ashes to their transformation into personalised precious stones. The components used by the biogenic material allow a diamond, a coloured sapphire or a ruby to be born. Thanks to a reliable and guaranteed chemical production process, all the extracted elements are present in the precious stone. The use of many components of the hair or ashes makes the gem unique and one of a kind.

Burial in precious stone

Memories last a lifetime and with them, a personalised gem to pass on to future generations lasts for eternity. Burial in precious stone is an unparalleled form of inheritance and a unique way to always have your loved one with you. It is a particularly sensitive and delicate gesture of bidding farewell. The metamorphosis in precious stone creates a unique and eternal reminder, carefully preserved in the memory of the loved one. The result is therefore a stone of remembrance to be left for the inheritance of future generations.

Necessary materials and construction times

To produce a personalised gemstone, you need 10 grams of ashes or about 100 grams of hair. The stones are offered in sizes ranging from 1 to 50 carats. The gemstone is as unique as the life of the departed person. These gems, set in a ring or a pendant, will adorn the tree of life. For those who keep them, they will represent a never-ending spring time.

The finishing of the cremation diamonds and their delivery takes place within 30 working days.