Thanks for the condolences received

In sad circumstances, the family of the deceased will have to write thank-you notes for the condolences received. Simple phrases to write on the thank you card, to be sent to relatives and close friends who sympathised in a heartfelt way in the sad event. Funeral etiquette provides several rules that must be adopted by the family of the deceased, including the sending of thank-you notes for the condolences received. These cards will be sent to the people who sent telegrams, cards and flowers for the sad event.

How to write

You can use classic white cards available in stationery shops or delivered by the funeral home that will celebrate the funeral. The card will be placed in a dedicated envelope featuring a thin black line on the corner. The sentences should be simple and not excessive or long; usually the family writes … sincere thanks, carefully evaluate the person to whom to send thanks, if it is a relative or a close friend you can dwell a little longer, never falling into exaggeration.

How to get organised

Before sending the cards, group all the telegrams and cards received to avoid running the risk of forgetting some names or accidentally sending two cards to the same person; It is easy to be confused in these circumstances, so a complete list of names and addresses is also a help.

For example: the family … gives heartfelt thanks for your sympathy in this sad moment…

Give thanks in the newspaper

Usually, in addition to the sending of individual cards, a text of thanks is published both in the newspaper where the sad event was announced and on a second epigraph, extended to all those who participated in the sad event. The phrase could be like this: The family … gives thanks all those who bade their final farewell to the dear ….

Alternatively, you can write: it not being possible in person, the family … thanks all those who have sympathised with the suffering for the death of the loved one …. This last sentence can also be safely used for publication in the newspaper where the announcement of the death was published.

When to do it

Everything must be done in the ten to fifteen days following the funeral to avoid forgetting and to thank all those who were close to the family of the deceased as soon as possible.