Dressing of the body

At the time of death in hospital and having obtained the permits for the delivery of the body, the family members entrust the staff of the funeral home with the clothes in which they wish their deceased loved one to be buried. In the event of death at home, the family or the agency alert the attending physician to draft the death certificate. Subsequently a “post mortem examination” may requested from the competent health authority. It is then the responsibility of the agency’s staff to provide for the body to be dressed and accommodated with dignity in the coffin. The body is regularly checked, even several times a day if necessary or at the request of family members.

The coffin and transport to the home or the funeral home

The coffins are chosen by the relatives at the funeral home agency’s office. There are various different models, distinguished also in the event that the burial occurs in the crypt. For cremation and burial (in the earth), the coffins are zinc-free. In both cases, at the request of family members, the bodies can be transported to the Funeral Homes closest to the home of the deceased.