Funeral Transport, even abroad

The funeral home agency organises and carries out all the paperwork necessary for transporting the bodies throughout Italy and around the world.

Funeral transport in Italy

The agency is equipped with suitable means of transporting the bodies: vehicles and hearses, including a model with 5 seats where family members can even accompany their loved one. For transport to Italy, documentation issued by the Municipality where the death occurred is required, and includes permits for transport and burial.

Funeral transport even abroad

For transport abroad, in addition to the procedures for Italy, an international mortuary passport issued by the Municipality where the death occurred is required. For air transport, permits issued by the Airport Police are required. Usually for transport abroad, contacts are made with a second funeral home which takes care of the body upon arrival, organises the funeral rites and burial. If, on the other hand, the family desires the same people who took care of their loved one from the very beginning, our agency is available to accompany the deceased both throughout Italy and abroad where arrangements are made with the municipality of arrival and the burial place.

Burial in the chosen place

The Municipality officials are always present in the cemetery chosen for the burial, and with the help of the funeral agency staff, they proceed with the final burial rites. Where the ashes are being buried, the funeral agency entrusts the burial urn to the family, or it provides for the burial in the crypt of the chosen cemetery. Subsequently, the municipal officials proceed with the sealing of the crypt.

Schedules and additional services

The time of the funeral service, homilies or special messages to be included during the rites are decided by the family with the parish priest, who is contacted by the agency itself. For a particularly suggestive and sensitive funeral ceremony, the family can request that pieces of music are performed or songs sung by solo voice. The family makes the request directly to the agency.